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Most clothing items will do fine with short term regular storage. But for particularly valuable or expensive clothing items, like a wedding dress or tuxedo, leaving these items exposed to moisture and heat can result in fabric damage and encourage mold growth. Unless you plan to be wearing them around the time of the move, you might consider throwing these items in with the load headed for your climate controlled storage unit with a Bellevue moving companies.

  1. Collectables

Collecting various items like comics, stamps, and coins can be a fun pastime. Many people have put years of time into their collections, so keeping them safe and well-protected is of utmost importance. In regular storage spaces, these items are exposed to varying temperatures and moisture levels, which can result in paper yellowing or corrosion of valuables. Climate controlled storage spaces protect against fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels to ensure your valuable items are well protected.

  1. Paper

When exposed to heat and moisture, paper tends to oxidize and take on a yellowish hue. This can affect all kinds of paper products, like photos, financial documents or records, art pieces and more. Once the damage is done, it cannot be reversed, so storage units that can regulate temperature and humidity are great resources for those looking to store paper products during their move.

  1. Electronics

From the most recent technologies like televisions and stereos, to older types of electronics like record players and cassettes, these items can cease to function after exposure to intense moisture or temperatures. Not only can these items hold sentimental value, but they can also be incredibly expensive to replace. Putting these items in climate controlled storage can save you the worry and expense of putting these items in unregulated storage spaces.

If you’re looking to move, but are anticipating the need for additional, climate controlled storage space, we have just what you’re looking for. At On The Go Moving and Storage, we offer climate controlled storage space in addition to our quality moving services.

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If you are hesitating to come to study in Australia and do not finish making the decision, here are ten reasons that justify that studying abroad only brings good experiences.

1. You Will Learn Languages

This will always be a compelling reason and for many, the maximum for those studying abroad.

 Learning a language in context is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to do it (yes, we keep talking about communications). Read More : Premium Graduate Placements

2. You Will Leave Your Comfort Zonegirls-study

Most of the time, outside our comfort zone,  Is where the magic is (or where essential things happen). When we talk about studying, doing it in our city, in the university we know or about our lifelong friends will be fine, but not everything that can be, and above all, we don't inform ourselves of all the benefits, to level of learning and other aspects, which we would obtain when leaving our comfort zone.

3. Not Only Are You Going To Study… You Are Going To Take The Opportunity To Travel

Since it has gone abroad a study for the same price to discover other places. For example, would you come on vacation to Australia if you didn't come to study? Well, maybe, but maybe not.

4. You Will Significantly Enrich Your CV

When you study abroad, you acquire specialized skills, and companies know this.

5. You Will Interact With Different People

Meet new people with vital experiences (for their culture, education, place of birth, etc.) separate from you, enrich a lot, and open your mind. For example, in Australia, in most universities, we have people who come from other places who can find us in other areas.

6. You Can See The Perspective Regarding Your Life In Your Country

Sometimes it is essential to be able to see things from the outside and thus analyze them without conditions.

7. You Will Improve Your Soft Skills

We talked about them in our article about

 competitive advantage

 . They are those that are related to emotional intelligence, and that are keys to our happiness and success in different aspects of our lives.

8. You Will Create Very Intense Friendship Relationships

We Dingoos know from experience. When you arrive in a new country, in this case, Australia, you do it with a very open mind and wanting to meet people. The luck is that you meet people who have the same desire as you. Therefore, the community is created very quickly, and they become good friends in a short time (because you share many experiences by living very intensely).

If you have gone to Erasmus or similar, you know exactly what we are talking about.

9. Build An International Network Of Contacts

You will make friends, but also professional relationships that can be very useful in the future.

10. Because It Is An Experience That You Always Remember

Probably, your studies abroad will be one of the most important experiences of your life. For us being in Australia is being.